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Video: 255,623+ DVDs (approx. 120 min. each)
- Format #1: WMV (.wmv), 1500k, 720x480 (downloadable)
- Format #2: WMV (.wmv), 700k, 360x240 (downloadable)
- Format #3: Real (.rm), 700k, 360x240 (downloadable)
- Features: Full Scenes: Y, Multi-Bandwidth: Y, Vid Caps: N
- Exclusivity: The content is not exclusive.
- 3rd Party: Yes, live feeds, personals and more.
- $1 / 3 day(s) recurring
- $7.95 / 30 day(s) recurring
- $14.95 / 90 day(s) recurring


Fetish Naked Sword is another collection from the Naked Sword porn site, this time dedicated to all kinds of fetish scenes. The reason behind the split in several different niched sites for Naked Sword is the fact that their porn collection has grown just too big to be hosted all on one site, and they're making life easier on their members by breaking it up in different sites, keeping all of the basics, like the price and the access to all of the videos and sites in the network unchanged.

While this IS a pretty good idea, and has made navigating less of a nightmare even with the pretty good search tool that the home site is sporting, I can't help but ask just why is one of the sites they decided to form for all of the content a site dedicated to all things fetish within the gay porn niche. One could argue that almost all of the gay DVD's fall into the anal fetish niche, but hey, maybe this split is still just work in progress, and more sites will be split off of this one.

As for the type of content you can see on Fetish Naked Sword, it's very easy to guess that here are listed some of the more hardcore kinks, and browsing the archives has shown me that I was right, this is a collection of scenes that include gay orgies, facials, creampies, hairy men, muscled men, older men and so on - the list goes on and on. Even with the downsizing of the archives, the list of DVD scenes on Fetish Naked Sword will take you some time to go through, and has over hundred thousand entries listed, and those are full DVD entries, each with several scenes listed.

The quality of the scenes on Fetish Naked Sword is pretty good, it's not too far from the HD quality, very good SD updates that can be streamed easily. Only a small portion of this gay porn collection can actually be downloaded due to the different DRM protection methods used, but that's a minor nuisance, if you've got good enough of an internet connection to stream average quality YouTube files you've got internet that can handle Fetish Naked Sword.

Other than the collection size itself there are very few changes compared to the Naked Sword home site itself, the design is pretty much the same as are the navigation and additional features, you can still join mailing lists, organize favorites folders, list scenes by ratings, filter them by tags and so on - all in all, this is a pretty solid choice for a gay BDSM site and it comes for a pretty good price considering the collection you get access to is freaking huge and it is updated several times per day.

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